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Lush Green Tea Plantations


The tea factory was located on a hillside, surrounded by lush green tea plantations. I was greeted by the friendly staff who offered me a warm cup of freshly brewed tea. The aroma of the tea was enticing, making me eager to start the tour.

The factory had a small museum where I learned about the history of tea in Sri Lanka. I discovered that tea was first introduced to Sri Lanka in the 19th century by the British who wanted to establish a tea industry in the country. Today, Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world.

Next, I was taken through the process of making tea. I learned that the quality of tea depends on several factors such as altitude, climate, and soil. The tea leaves are plucked by skilled laborers who know exactly which leaves to pick. From there, the tea leaves are taken to the factory where they are withered, rolled, fermented, dried and graded. The entire process is carefully supervised by tea experts to ensure that the tea is of high quality.

One of the most interesting parts of the tour was seeing the tea leaves being fried in large woks. The aroma of the leaves being fried was intense and inviting. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the workers, who had mastered the art of frying tea leaves to perfection.

After the tour, I had the opportunity to taste various types of tea. I enjoyed the distinct flavors and aroma of each tea, which varied depending on the altitude and soil on which the tea was grown.

My visit to the tea factory in Ella was an unforgettable experience. I learned about the history, process and art of tea-making, and gained a newfound appreciation for the efforts and hard work that goes into making a single cup of tea. It was truly an enriching and educational experience.


Useful Tips

  • The best time to visit is in the morning when the processing of tea leaves is in full swing.
  • During your tour, you will learn about the tea making process from harvesting to packaging. You will also get to view the machinery used in the factory and see the workers in action.
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