diyaluma falls
A Cascading Waterfall


Diyaluma Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is a must-visit destination for visitors who love beautiful natural wonders. Located in the picturesque Ella region, this waterfall is located amidst lush green forests and stunning mountain ranges, providing scenic views for travelers.

The waterfall cascades down to a height of 220 meters, making it the fourth-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The fall is divided into several tiers, with the upper tiers being accessible through a trek through the forested area. The lower tiers, however, are easily accessible and offer a spectacular view of the waterfall.

The area surrounding Diyaluma Falls is a haven for nature lovers, offering a range of breathtaking scenery, including the beautiful virgin forests, misty mountains, and breathtaking panoramic views. There are also several trekking routes in the surrounding areas of the falls, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing hike through the forest.

For adventurous travelers, there is an opportunity to swim in the natural pools and take a dip in the cool waters of the waterfall. A picnic beside the waterfall is also an excellent way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

In conclusion, Diyaluma Falls is a beautiful destination located in Ella that offers a picturesque view of nature’s wonder. It is an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and travelers looking for a blissful retreat. So, it’s a “must-visit destination” for anyone who is visiting Sri Lanka.


Useful Tips

  • Diyaluma falls is located approximately 6.4 km from the town of Koslanda and 13 km from the popular tourist town of Ella.
  • The best time is during the rainy season from May to September when the water flow is at its peak.
  • There is no entrance fee to visit Diyaluma falls.
  • The top trail is more challenging as it involves a steep climb and takes around 1.5 hours to complete. The trail from the bottom is easier but still requires some stamina as it takes around 45 minutes to complete.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable hiking shoes, light clothing, and carry a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
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