nil diya pokuna
The Blue Water Lily Pond


Nil Diya Pokuna, also known as the Blue Water Lily Pond is located in Ella, Sri Lanka. It is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists who come to visit the beautiful natural formations of the area.

The stunning blue pond is surrounded by green hills and lush forests. It is a hidden gem in the heart of the wilderness and is a must-see destination for those who love nature and scenic beauty. Many people say that they have never seen another place as picturesque as the Nil Diya Pokuna.

There are several legends surrounding the creation of the pond. According to one of these legends, it is believed that this area was once the home of a powerful king who had a beautiful daughter. The king constructed the pond as a gift to his daughter and named it after the blue water lily, which was her favorite flower.

Nil Diya Pokuna is a great place to take a leisurely stroll and immerse oneself in the tranquility of nature. Visitors often enjoy taking photos of the pond and the surrounding greenery. The pond is also a popular spot for bird watching, with a variety of species found throughout the area.

For visitors who are looking for adventure, there are many hiking trails that provide a glimpse of the beauty of the region. Travelers can trek through wild and untamed paths to explore the surrounding hills and forests.

In conclusion, Nil Diya Pokuna is a magnificent destination for those who enjoy hiking, photography, and bird watching. The attractions natural beauty and the many trails that surround it make it a popular spot in Sri Lanka for both local and foreign tourists.


Useful Tips

  • The entry fee for Nil Diya Pokuna is LKR 500 for locals and LKR 1,500 for foreigners.
  • As it is a sacred place, visitors are advised to dress modestly and cover their shoulders and knees.
  • The best time to visit Nil Diya Pokuna is during the dry season (December to March) when the weather is pleasant and the water is crystal clear.
  • Comfortable footwear, sunscreen, water bottles, and a hat are essential while visiting Nil Diya Pokuna.
  • A 1km uphill trek is required to reach Nil Diya Pokuna, and visitors need to be physically fit to cover the distance.
  • Visitors can take the assistance of local guides who can provide information about the history and significance of the place.
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