udawattakale forest reserve
Remarkable Natural Wonders in Sri Lanka


Udawattakale Forest Reserve is one of the most remarkable natural wonders in Sri Lanka. This forest reserve is located near the city of Kandy, which is the cultural capital of the country. The reserve is spread over an area of approximately 257 hectares and is situated near the Temple of the Tooth, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Udawattakale Forest Reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare bird species, reptiles, butterflies, and insects. The forest reserve has a thick canopy of trees that provide shelter to a variety of animals and also act as a natural filter for the air. The forest reserve has an extensive network of walking trails, which make it a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers.

One of the most significant features of Udawattakale Forest Reserve is the number of rare and endemic plant species that are present in the reserve. The forest is home to more than 31 tree species, many of which are considered to be threatened. Some of the rare species found in the reserve include the Tree Fern, Palicourea Seneviratnae, and Cyathea Sinensis.

Udawattakale Forest Reserve is an important eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka. The forest reserve is managed by the Forest Department of Sri Lanka and is open to visitors throughout the year. Visitors need to obtain a permit from the Forest Department to enter the reserve. The permit fee is nominal, and it helps to support the conservation efforts of the reserve.

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Useful Tips

  • he best time for visiting the Udawattakale forest reserve is during the dry season from December to April.
  • There is an entrance fee of 600 LKR (approximately $3.20 USD) for foreign visitors.
  • It is recommended to take a guided tour to explore the forest reserve.
  • There are many hiking trails in the forest reserve that take you through beautiful scenery, dense forest, and diverse flora and fauna.
  • The forest reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife including monkeys, squirrels, deer, and numerous bird species.
  • The forest reserve is a protected area and is part of the Kandy city’s green belt. Significant conservation efforts are in place to protect the forest and its wildlife, making it an excellent example of sustainable tourism.
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